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Hello.  Welcome to our blog on selling stainless steel jewelry to the biker community at motorcycle shows, swap meets, and other related events.  I’m Ed and my wife Cathy make up Echo Lake Steel, a small enterprise selling stainless steel jewelry.  Our dog Buster who looks like a small German Shepherd with oversize ears is in charge of security.  We started 4 years ago selling home and garden gift items at flea markets.  We soon found out that household items were bulky, heavy, and hard to sell.  We moved into a different line of merchandise when we purchased a package of 144 Foster Grant sunglasses that also included 100 pieces of jewelry.  At the next flea market the sunglasses sold well and the small display of jewelry outsold all of the household items we had on display.  We soon quit hauling household items to the flea markets and concentrated on sunglasses and jewelry.

Sunglasses sold well when the sun was shining.  Sun-glass sales dropped when the clouds came.  At an antique farm equipment show sun-glass sales were going very well on that bright sunny day.  Jewelry sales were fair with most of the sales being made to our young customers looking for inexpensive items like our $2.00 bracelets.  Our small selection of stainless steel rings drew the attention of some couples looking for affordable wedding bands and others looking to replace wedding bands that became to small or were lost.  At less than $20.00 each, the price was right,  Some of the customers called their friends to come to the show and look at the rings.  With this kind of response we got out of the sun-glass business and expanded our stainless steel jewelry inventory.  Our display now has over 3,000 stainless steel rings and several stainless steel bracelets,  chains, and pendants.

We also discovered that the biker community was very receptive to our line of stainless steel jewelry and great to do business with.    During the past 18 months we attended over 30 motorcycle events.  At these events we found that Bikers are the best people to do deal with.  They are friendly, helpful and are willing to pay fair prices for our products.  We never had  theft problem at a motorcycle event.  When a biker has no cash and wants an item we let him ot her take it with the promise to send us a check for the purchase amount.  We have done this several times without losing a penny.  These are the type of people that make America a great country.  We appreciate the support they give to our troops and out veterans. We find us very fortunate to be able to do business in the biker community. 

We hope to use this blog to promote our line of stainless steel jewelry, to promote the events we plan on participating in, and to share the good and the bad with our fellow vendors and customers

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