Detroit Autorama

We tried a new venue for our stainless steel jewelry at the Detroit Autorama custom car show at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan.  Although this was a car show we met several of our friends and customers from the motorcycle events we participated in.  We thank every one who stop by to say hello and or to purchase some more stainless steel jewelry.

Hundreds of cars and several motorcycles  from around the country were entered in this event.  Each entry was a great piece of work.  I don’t how the judges selected the top entries when every entry looked like a winner to me.  That’s why I am not a judge.

We had such a great time at this event that we accepted an invitation to set up at the Cleveland Autorama which will take place March 16 through the 18.   After that we will be back on the motorcycle circuit starting with the Custom Motorcycle Show and Expo at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, Michigan on March 24 and 25.  This event has several activities in addition to the motorcycle show.  This will be our third year participating in this show and found it to be well worth your time to attend this event.

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Swap Meet

So far we participated in 4 motorcycle events this year of which 3 were swap meets.  Swap meets are a great place to get your motorcycle parts and tools for your current project.  These meets are also well attended by leather and clothing dealers to make sure you look great on your next ride.  If we are there, the largest selection of stainless steel jewelry found at any motorcycle event will be available for your shopping pleasure.  Our tables will have over 3,000 stainless steel rings, over a 100 stainless steel bracelets and chains, and an expanding supply of earrings and belly rings.  At the next show we will have new bracelets we just purchased from a wholesale dealer in Chicago.  I have not seen them yet,  my wife has and she says they are awesome.  Our next stop will be at the motorcycle swap meet in Novi, Michigan.  This swap meet is on Sunday, February 19, starting at 11:00am at the Suburban Collection Center.

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We are starting our third year of selling stainless steel jewelry st motorcycle events.  It seems like only yesterday when a manager of a local motorcycle dealer suggested we set up with our stainless steel jewelry at the Michigan Motorcycle Show in Birch Run, Michigan.  Although somewhat apprehensive about setting up at a new venue for us, we followed her advice and set up at the show.  We didn’t get rich at the show, we did meet our expenses with enough left over to buy dinner and and pay the rent for space at the next show.  Over the past two years we made great friends among the biker community  and vendors at the events we attended.  We are putting together a new schedule for this year which will include the events you seen us at last year plus some new venues like the Detroit Autorama in February and the Dream Cruise in August.  Please stop by our booth at the next event you attend to see what we have to offer.  You will see between 3 to 4 thousand stainless steel rings and a wide selection of chains, bracelets, pendants, and earrings.



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End of the Season

The motorcycle swap meet has almost ended for 2011.  As usual, swap meet sales at the end of the year were slow.  We did not see an improvement over last year sales to confirm the reported improvement in our economy.  Overall we had a good year, thanks to the support from the biker community.  We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

We have one more event in 2011.  This is the Motorcycle Swap Meet & Expo at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  This event will be held December 17 and 18 starting at 12 noon on each day.  The swap meet ends 7 p.m. on Saturday and 6 p.m. on Sunday.  The Gibraltar Trade Center put on grat motorcycle events.  This will be a great shopping venue if you have biker on Christmas list.


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Motorcycle Swap Meets

The swap meet season has started this month which is also the start of the holiday shopping season.  The swap meet is a great place to find parts for your project bike or gifts for the biker on your gift list.  In addition to motorcycles and parts you find vendors providing motorcycle apparel, helmets, and riding glasses.  Also, we  will be at the swap meets with our stainless steel jewelry for the biker.  Our first swap meet will be at the Birch Run Expo Center in Birch Run, Michigan on Sunday, October 23.  We look forward to seeing at this event.


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Stainless Steel Jewelry at Bikes on the Bricks

We just finished Bikes on the Bricks in Flint, Michigan.  This was a great weekend for the bikers who attended this event.  The police motorcycle competition put on a great show for us.  In addition to the bike show, the bike parking area in addition to the bike builder displays presented some awesome pieces of work.

The crowds kept us busy all weekend.  We appoligize to some of our customers for running out of the BIKER ring and the grim reaper ring.  You can go to the following links to get the rings on-line.

Ride safe.


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Scorpion MC Party

We were very fortunate to have been invited to set up at the Scorpions annual party last Saturday night.  As a vendor it was a great party for us.  The party goers were great customers and became good friends before the party was over.  The Scorpions provided great food and entertainment and every one had a good time.  We apologize for not having our order of Scorpion related stainless steel jewelry in time for the party  The shipment came the following Tuesday.  On October 9 we will be set up at Chili Cookoff in downtown Plymouth, Michigan.  We plan on having a Scorpion table which will feature some great stainless steel jewelry at great prices.  We hope to see the Scorpions who could not find exactly what they wanted at the Chili Cookoff.  We purchased some unique pieces that we had not seen before and should please anyone purchasing Scorpion jewelry.  Ride safe.

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Club Parties

This time of the year, Motorcycle Clubs are holding end-of-summer parties.  We went to two of these parties last year and will be attending three such parties this year.  If you are a vendor and are lucky enough to be invited to a club party, go for it.  You will find very inexpensive rental rates.  Usually the club will ask for a donation of merchandise for their door prizes.  The most we had to pay is $25 plus a door prize donation.  These parties usually start in the afternoon and end late at night making it a one day affair. You will be closing down and getting home very late at night.  We found our sales to be good  and well worth the effort of setting up at these events.  In addition, you get to attend a great party, make new friends, and get reaquainted with old friends.  This in itself makes for a great event.


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New Stainless Steel Jewelry Arrivals

We just got two shipments of stainless steel jewelry including chains, bracelets, rings, and pendants.  We received chains made for small pendants to 30 inch chains that will hold a brick.  The bracelets include motorcycle chains we discussed in a previous post and a cool bracelet that is hard to describe except that a head of a dragon or a snake hooks on the clasp.  The rings include skulls, pirate rings, the BIKER Ring and a skull ring designed for our good friend “the reaper”. 

These items will be available at our next event open to the public at Bikes on the Bricks in Flint, Michigan. This event will take place September 23 – 25.  Until then these items are available thhrough our links located on the side and bottom of this page.  If the reaper is reading this post the following link will take you directly to your ring on Amazon.


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Our Favorite Stainless Steel Bracelet

Of the several stainless steel bracelet designs in stock, one design, a motorcycle chain has stood out from the rest.  This high quality bracelet is the heaviest we ever offered for sale.  To adjust the length of this 9 inch bracelet all you need is a small screw driver to remove a link.  This is much easier than removing pins and replacing them which is needed to adjust most stainless steel bracelets.  This motorcycle chain bracelet is also the most expensive we offered for sale.  Even though we had to place a high price on it, our first supply sold out quickly at a small motorcycle event.  We now have another supply on order which should be available this Friday at the Gibraltar Trade Center’s bike night.  If you are interested in this bracelet and are unable to attend the bike night this item is availabe on Amazon’s web site through the following link.

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